Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Randomness

It's been two weeks since the last entry; I think maybe I've been a little busy. Also, I was a bit uninspired, and I feel like if I don't have anything to say, then I should just be quiet. Hence - 15 days w/o a posting.  And now, a few random statements and songs....

  • For some reason I never knew Bruce Springsteen did "Hungry Heart"? Where have I been?  

  • I found this track - Kenny G w/Darryl Hall, "Baby Come to Me" - and am somewhat disturbed that I actually like the sax playing.  I'm sorry, but normally I can't stand Mr. G.  

  • I am still in mourning over Whitney Houston.  The funeral was beautiful, and did anyone else pick up on Piers Morgana being totally blown away by the experience. Piers, go to church every once in a while.  Even so, as everyone's been playing Whitney's music, I still can't believe her voice has been silenced. As I've been saying for the past few days: first Luther, then MJ and now Whitney. Dang.

  • For the record, Nancy Wilson is the smoothest diva ever.  When I grow up I wanna sing like her.

Feel free to leave any comments.  Have a great Monday!

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