Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Randomness

It's been two weeks since the last entry; I think maybe I've been a little busy. Also, I was a bit uninspired, and I feel like if I don't have anything to say, then I should just be quiet. Hence - 15 days w/o a posting.  And now, a few random statements and songs....

  • For some reason I never knew Bruce Springsteen did "Hungry Heart"? Where have I been?  

  • I found this track - Kenny G w/Darryl Hall, "Baby Come to Me" - and am somewhat disturbed that I actually like the sax playing.  I'm sorry, but normally I can't stand Mr. G.  

  • I am still in mourning over Whitney Houston.  The funeral was beautiful, and did anyone else pick up on Piers Morgana being totally blown away by the experience. Piers, go to church every once in a while.  Even so, as everyone's been playing Whitney's music, I still can't believe her voice has been silenced. As I've been saying for the past few days: first Luther, then MJ and now Whitney. Dang.

  • For the record, Nancy Wilson is the smoothest diva ever.  When I grow up I wanna sing like her.

Feel free to leave any comments.  Have a great Monday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Blues

Yep Friday blues. Not like I'm sad - although quite perturbed at the sudden artic quality of weather around here. I mean blues, like some southern rock, Memphis blues.

Last week I heard this great song on public radio (I told y'all I was a nerd), I don't remember which show it was. Anyways I heard the coolest song, and immediately SoundHound-ed it, and discovered the North Mississippi AllStars.  They've been around for a while, but I've never heard of them, but they have a pretty impressive story and body of work. I won't go into it here, but check out their website.  These guys make me want to try picking up guitar again. 

Here are two songs for today - "The Meeting" (Mavis Staples) comes from their latest album, Keys to the Kingdom.  The song "K.C. Jones" comes from an earlier work, Shake Hands With Shorty. 

Blues music always has the best and most unique titles.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oldie Of The Day: I Wanna Be Where You Are

Today - cold-ish, gray-ish, and boring-ish. For some reason "I Wanna Be Where You Are" has been running through my mind this afternoon.  I think I'm longing for summer road trips.  You should hear me screeching to hit MJ's "OOH!". Hilarity.  Also comedic - overhearing me use the bit of Spanish I remember from high school to sing along with Jose Feliciano's version.

Anyways, both of them make me smile on this cloudy day. Hope you enjoy them too. Do the bump with somebody as you listen :)

Oye Jose!

Monday, February 6, 2012

RIP Soul Train Conductor

First Heavy D., then Etta James, now Don Cornelius, the creator and original host of the famed Soul Train.  Children of the 70s are mouring everywhere.  Nothing could strike up fun, belly-busting laughter, and TERROR like the Soul Train line at the local party/wedding/family reunion.  Fun - because it's dancing to the best grooves. Laughter - because someone is gonna do the bump, some gray haired person is gonna yell "see y'all don't know nothin' 'bout dis here" and then proceed to look crazy. and Terror - because you had to come up with a good move or people were going to laugh at YOU.

Don Cornelius opened the window to let the country view African American culture, fashion, and just plain gorgeous people on national TV.  Soul Train was the mark of success for the up-and-coming artist trying to make it in the business. It was a way to get music out to the masses for the established artist. 

When Soul Train went into syndication in the 80s and 90s, I was finally old enough to watch. One Saturday I was forced by my mother to take a nap. I woke up hours later in a cold sweat, terrified that I'd missed the ST episode for that day. What did little Cheray do? She ran crying hysterically to her daddy, who was baffled (as I'm sure he was many times in this house full of women). He tried to calm me down and find out why his first-born had completely lost it. The conversation went something like this: "Was it a nightmare?" "No." "Are you hurt?" "No." "Well what's wrong baby?" "I MISSED SOUUUUUUUUULLLL TRAIN!!" "Girl sit down, it hasn't come on yet!"

Today's clips are a few Soul Train moments:

Soul Train was known for having musical guests lipsynch their performances (cuz it's kinda hard to boogie down AND sing well at the same time). But I did find this clip of the O'Jays mixing live singing with a track:

Mariah Carey, back in the day (when she was good). She also breaks the mold and performs live with a track.

Quick example of REALLY bad lip-synching - David Bowie, the first white artist to be featured on Soul Train. 

Clip from The Fresh Prince - GO CARLTON!