Friday, January 27, 2012

My Latest Country Fave...

I haven't posted many country songs featured on this blog yet, probably because country is the the most recent genre added to my music library.  Honestly, I did not care for country AT. ALL. growing up.  Upon moving to the glorious - where am I, Midwest? Southwest? - I found myself s u r r o u n d e d by country and country lovers.  Like, get-in-your-face-and-beat-you-down-for-not-listening-to-country type of country lovers.  So I thought, hey try just a few songs to get started.  After all, I liked Hee-Haw and Dukes Of Hazzard when I was a kid.

Thankfully, over the past 10 years or so I've grown to appreciate country quite a bit - to the point of one country station actually being on my radio pre-set and owning a couple country cds. Not a lot mind you, but yeah, 1 or 2.  And as an aspiring songwriter, how can I deny the power of a song like "He Stopped Loving Her Today".  Holy smokes.

The Zac Brown Band is one of the latest groups to burst on the scene, and seem to bridge country and mainstream.  Note the serious James Taylor influence in the middle of today's song, "Keep Me In Mind".

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